About Us

Our Background
Since the establishment of Good Future Craft Glass in 1988, the company has been striving to become the best in the industry. With our dedication and professional expertise, we successfully introduced JAS Art Glass, which has become one of the most renowned art glass brands in the regions of Asia. For years, with support from our own factory in China, our quality products have been reaching customers ranging from individual professionals to multinational companies.

Our Experience
We have completed a numerous projects related to hotels, casino resorts, specialty retailers etc. The recent project with the iconic Venetian Macao to the stunning Parisian Macao by Las Vegas Sands, and luxury retail shops of Tiffany & Co. engagement‎ was of an exceptionally large scale. It was completed successfully on schedule and great appreciation was received from that owner of the projects. In these years, our featured glass drew so much attention and admiration that we have become one of the best glass manufacturers in the area.

Our Sincerity
We are always committed to delivering top quality art glass with innovative design concepts as well as great usage practicality. We are known to our clients as efficient and fluent. Good Future’s glass is well known for being practical and luxurious, bringing satisfaction to all of our clients.

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We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

  • US location:

    PO Box 540863
    Flushing, NY 11354
    Tel: 646.755.9556

  • HK location:

    13th Floor, Kwan Chart Tower,
    6 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    Tel: 852.2511.2201
    Fax: 852.2891.9655